Wednesday, 30 November 2011


            "Ipoh is boring! It has nothing for me." That's what I often hear from some of my friends and colleagues who have been to the city, the best place for retirement in Malaysia.
And I will tell them, "You just didn't get the correct guidance. Ipoh is a hidden pearl."
But don't worry, you won't have the same problem since you are here. So, please stay, as I will let you know all the city has for you.
            How? Because it is the lovely hometown. We travel around the city. We hunt for nice food. We go for shopping, entertainment and recreation. The only thing that we don't do is - We DON'T make you fall into the tourist traps.

Where is Ipoh located?

           Malaysia is not a big country but it's not small either. Ipoh has never made as a favorite tourist spot by the government, so you may have not heard about it before. Never mind, because you'll love it soon! Ipoh is the capital city of Perak State. It is located north to Kuala Lumpur, about 2 hours and 15 minutes journey by car or 15 minutes journey by airplane. The city is much more peaceful if compared to the busy and crowded Kuala Lumpur. Malaysians vote it as the best place of living after retirement.Oh yea, by the way, the city is given another beautiful name as "Hill City" since it is surrounded by hills.

Enjoy it, cheers!



  1. sangat lepas neh leh wat kat bandar2 lama kat malaysia neh...

  2. Sangat menarik sekali.... Bolehlah buat untuk album aku... Hehehe

  3. wallaweiii..gilak klasik pic2 ni :))))))

  4. HAHAHA bleh la..nti aku p tempat hg pulak k.

  5. bley cam guwa???woaaa terharu...moh jemput singah kaw jajahan guwa :))

  6. HAHAHA aku kenal kawan aku.tnggu nti aku smpai

  7. hahaha...anda memg kwn sejati wat la cbox kt tepi ni,,xmasyuk la bergusip2 kt kumen box ni hakhak...roger ak t ak bwk pekena laksa pulaih superduper masyuk >>mabeloss blurppp>>

  8. HEHE jap aku tgh setting ni.loser kan..yess dpt mkn laksa!