Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Penang Snake Temple

              The Snake Temple also known as the Hock Hin Keong temple, was built by some local Chinese inhabitants in 1989 for the patron deity "Chor Soo Kong". The snakes are venomous Wagler's pit vipers and are said to be slightly 'doped' by the incense smoke which drift around the temple. Devotees refer to these snakes as "officers" of the deity, guarding the temple. Clearing of the jungle for electronics factories in Bayan Lepas has made all natural habitats for the snakes disappear. The few snakes you have seen in the temple are "exhibited"  item brought in for the tourists.
                 Temple chairman Datuk Lim Eng Soon said the present temple, which was built on a piece of land donated by philanthropist David Brown's family, has involved from an attap shrine to become this magnificent building today though major renovation in 1980, 1907, 1971, 1978, 1981 and most extensive renovation was carried on 2006.
                  Every year, thousands of devotees make a trip to the temple during the birthday celebration of Chor Soo Kong which occurs thrice yearly, on the 6th days of the first, sixth and eleventh month of Chinese lunar calendar.

Source : www.pulaupinang.com 

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